About - Police Box Photo Booth
Police box photo booth

This is not an ordinary photo booth! The Police Box Photo Booth is a unique, striking addition to any event. From weddings to corporate events this little blue box will do nothing but leave guests stunned and amazed as well as thoroughly entertained at any occasion. 

The Police Box is not just a photo booth but also a video booth. Equipped with the highest quality HD camera and touch screen your guests can choose between super sharp still photos or a 20 second video to leave personalised messages you can enjoy again and again long after your event.

Big things come in small packages and this is definitely true with this little blue box. The inside is fitted with a special effect that is out of this world and you will not find another like it anywhere in the galaxy yet alone in any other photo booth in the UK. Lined with colour changing LEDS the inside of this little box, as well as the enjoyment of your guests, will go on and on. 

What separates us? 

First of all, our operating system is completely automatic. With a top of the range HD camera and touch screen your guests can choose from stunning stills to leaving heartwarming personal messages at a push of a button.  Why is this good? It means there is no need for an attendant or photographer to be there, supervising and crashing your event leaving you to fully enjoy the booth and the occasion. 

Unlike other photo booth companies we're not all about the money and will not charge you for additional hours. Just let us know what your event is and the timings and we'll do our best to fit around you and your needs.

To be clear we have no affiliations with the BBC and Doctor Who, nor do we intend any copyright infringement. Although it has been said to look exactly like a TARDIS, this is not a TARDIS. It is a 1929 public police box. However it is the same design the BBC chose to base their TARDIS on in the most current series of Doctor Who. 

Can it travel across space and time?... No

Is it bigger on the inside?………..Yes!